Halogens' Characteristics

Liquid or gas Chlorine (Cl2), Fluorine (F2), Hydrogen Chloride (A-HCl), Phosgene (COCl2),  hydrofluoric acid (A-HF), and chloro-fluorinated compounds all display similar hazards:

Lethal, corrosive, liquefied gaz under presure, hygroscopic


- Lethal:  Emissions are not tolerated - ZERO leakage allowed.

Corrosive:  Presence of scale and deposits challenges reliability and performance of equipment. 

Liquefied Gas under pressure: Changes from liquid to gas state induces flashing, cavitation and thermal shocks in the valve.

Hygroscopic: Media highly reactive with moisture and humidity triggers the spread of corrosion.


Other critical and hazardous applications:

Pyrophoric / Explosive / Noxious / Erosive / Abrasive / High Pressure

descote specializes in developping high integrity products for hazardous and critical applications only.