Key dates


1974 – descote s.a. specializes in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Selling ‘Valves for Hazardous Applications’ for the chemical and nuclear industry.

1983 – Euro Chlor approval for Manual valves in (Europe).

1985 – descote becomes an Associate Member of the Chlorine Institute (USA).

1989 – ISO 9002 approval in recognition for its Quality Assurance Management Organization.

1989 – descote valves approved by the KHK, High Pressure Gas Safety Institute (Japan).

1991 – descote becomes a Technical Correspondant of Euro Chlor (Europe).

1991 – AAR, American Association for Railcars – Tank Car Committee approval for Tank Car valves for critical media (USA).

1992 – ISO 9001 approval.

1992 – descote valves recognized to comply with the Chlorine Institute - Pamphlet 6 recommendations.

1992 – descote valves obtains TUV (German certification body).

1995 – descote valves listed in ConocoPhillips HF Alkylation licensing pipping specifications.

1999 – Tyco Group acquires descote s.a.. The company was renamed KD Valves.

2005 – Euro Chlor approval for descote Control valves.

2006 – ISO 9001- version 2000.

2006 – descote becomes an Associate Member of RusChlor (Russia).

2007 – Euro Chlor approval for descote Actuated Shut-Off valves.

2007 – descote valves listed in UOP HF Alkylation Process for Manual valves.

2009 – KD Valves (descote) returned to original Founder & Son and its American partner FCTech Ltd., and renamed to its original name descote s.a.s.

2010 –  descote listed on UOP HF Alkylation Process for Control valves.

2010 – AREVA awards descote as primary supplier for nuclear equipments.

2011 – RusChlor approval for descote ManualActuated Shut-Off Control valves.

2013 – GEST 06/318 Euro Chlor approval for descote ManualActuated Shut-Off Control valves.

2014 - descote actuated on-off and control globe valves are certified SIL 3 CAPABLE