HF Alkylation & LAB process

valves for HF alkylation units

More than 30 years of experience in block & control valves for HF alkylation units

In 1982, a major European refiner contacted descote to find a durable and reliable solution to their HF valve problems and high maintenance costs. The refinery, operating a Phillips Petroleum HF alkylation process, was looking for a significant improvement from gate and plug valves commonly used in the unit.

sealed globe valves

The partnership lead to a new approach of HF valve technology and significant developments were achieved in terms of materials and valve design.

It lead descote to develop
- globe valve design as block valve
- bellows sealed technology
- New MoCs and NDE

From 1990's on, descote bellows sealed globe valves have been largely recognized by the industry.

Major features & benefitsbellows sealed globe valves

> Zero seat leakage – Stellited seats
> Zero stem leakage – Bellows seal
> Zero external leakage – Level 2 castings
> Ease of operation – Low operating torque

descote bellows sealed globe valves
> have proven to last for several turnarounds
> are designed to replace GATE & PLUG valves without any modifications of the existing piping.  descote bellows sealed globe valves have a proven record in both UOP & CoP HF alkylation processes.

HF alkylation process